Friday, 16 December 2011

Too young to die

   Lisa and Miriam they were twins sisters and they were born in 1952, august 28. Lisa was a bit taller than Mariam, though she was a young sister to Miriam. Their parents were very rich. When the two sisters were at the age of 4, their parents were divorced, the mother decided to take her daughters because they were very young to be brought up by their father.
  Unfortunately, the father decided to share the children, though their mother accepted with pain and sorrow, she cried and she went away with Lisa. However, their mother’s family they were not rich as compared to the family of their father. Nevertheless, the two twins were separated. Hence, Lisa was brought up in a poor life status while Miriam with her father they were rich.
 Two years later, when Lisa was 6 years, her mother was engaged to another man, but the man refused to accept Lisa as her daughter, her mother Cried and she refused to get married because she did not want to leave Lisa  with someone else. They suffered so much; as a result Lisa’s mother became a prostitute. By then Lisa was about 8 years without seeing her twin sister and her father. Whenever she asked her mother about her father the mother was always breaking in tears, for she did not know what to tell her.
  Because of their condition of life, Lisa got sick; she had brain Cancer; her mother lamentation day and night. She was always praying for her daughter and she tried by all means to serve her daughter. But the time she released to take her to his father, Lisa was almost about to die. When they went to see her father, they found that he had already married another woman. When Miriam, saw her mother, she failed to recognize her. Lisa and her mother, bother were in a very poor condition of life.
  When the father came from work, he found her ex-wife and his daughter at home. When he looked at his daughter, he cried and later he introduces Miriam to her real mother and that Lisa was her twin sister. She too cried and went in her Bedroom. She remained in her room the all day because did not want to see her real mother in that condition neither her sister. In the evening of the someday, Lisa got sick and her Father rushed her to the hospital; Oh!!!  Poor Lisa could not make it for next breath.
  Lisa died around 02:45pm on Sunday; she died at the age of 9. Miriam was very upset with his father, she denied all his father’s riches, and she blamed him; “THAT HE WAS THE CAUSE OF HER SISTER’S DEATH” during the funeral, Miriam took a knife and she went with it at the graveyard.  When they went to the grave yard, she went near to her mother and she said; “mummy am sorry and she killed herself with a knife;” They postponed the burial of her sister.
   Miriam and Lisa were barred at the same day. The father decided to Burial them at the back of the house. After all this, the mother went to her home town to continue her life. Meanwhile his ex-husband continued enjoying his life and he had two children in the other wife.
Four years later, the twin’s mother got sick and she was taken to the hospital. She was not recovering at all. Hence, the Doctor decided to take her home.  From time to time she used to go to the hospital. Few days later, she died while she was singing a song.
The end

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