Saturday, 17 December 2011

wishing the world, happy christmas

Happy christmas to all people in the world, i love you all, Happy Christmas and Happy a New Year

Friday, 16 December 2011

Too young to die

   Lisa and Miriam they were twins sisters and they were born in 1952, august 28. Lisa was a bit taller than Mariam, though she was a young sister to Miriam. Their parents were very rich. When the two sisters were at the age of 4, their parents were divorced, the mother decided to take her daughters because they were very young to be brought up by their father.
  Unfortunately, the father decided to share the children, though their mother accepted with pain and sorrow, she cried and she went away with Lisa. However, their mother’s family they were not rich as compared to the family of their father. Nevertheless, the two twins were separated. Hence, Lisa was brought up in a poor life status while Miriam with her father they were rich.
 Two years later, when Lisa was 6 years, her mother was engaged to another man, but the man refused to accept Lisa as her daughter, her mother Cried and she refused to get married because she did not want to leave Lisa  with someone else. They suffered so much; as a result Lisa’s mother became a prostitute. By then Lisa was about 8 years without seeing her twin sister and her father. Whenever she asked her mother about her father the mother was always breaking in tears, for she did not know what to tell her.
  Because of their condition of life, Lisa got sick; she had brain Cancer; her mother lamentation day and night. She was always praying for her daughter and she tried by all means to serve her daughter. But the time she released to take her to his father, Lisa was almost about to die. When they went to see her father, they found that he had already married another woman. When Miriam, saw her mother, she failed to recognize her. Lisa and her mother, bother were in a very poor condition of life.
  When the father came from work, he found her ex-wife and his daughter at home. When he looked at his daughter, he cried and later he introduces Miriam to her real mother and that Lisa was her twin sister. She too cried and went in her Bedroom. She remained in her room the all day because did not want to see her real mother in that condition neither her sister. In the evening of the someday, Lisa got sick and her Father rushed her to the hospital; Oh!!!  Poor Lisa could not make it for next breath.
  Lisa died around 02:45pm on Sunday; she died at the age of 9. Miriam was very upset with his father, she denied all his father’s riches, and she blamed him; “THAT HE WAS THE CAUSE OF HER SISTER’S DEATH” during the funeral, Miriam took a knife and she went with it at the graveyard.  When they went to the grave yard, she went near to her mother and she said; “mummy am sorry and she killed herself with a knife;” They postponed the burial of her sister.
   Miriam and Lisa were barred at the same day. The father decided to Burial them at the back of the house. After all this, the mother went to her home town to continue her life. Meanwhile his ex-husband continued enjoying his life and he had two children in the other wife.
Four years later, the twin’s mother got sick and she was taken to the hospital. She was not recovering at all. Hence, the Doctor decided to take her home.  From time to time she used to go to the hospital. Few days later, she died while she was singing a song.
The end

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Not Enough to Share

   Victoria Petersen was my mother's aunt by marriage, she was small, black as night, and toothless. her face was so wrinkled it was impossible to see through the folds of loose flesh and get a picture of its shape. she wore the numberless petticoats of her generation. this swelled her figure to a thickness that made her tiny face seem oddly out of place, in repose, her shrivelled-up little body looked lifeless. but she had sharp, shrewd eyes that flickered in all directions and missed very little.
   Now, as she presided over the  supper table, the oil lamp from the central ceiling refter shone full on her white curls. Her sharpness glowed out of her shadow's face. Victoria Petersen finished serving. We all stood with heads downcast while she prayer. It was a long prayer. It began with the food we were about to eat. Then it went to the eggs there were about to lay, the caw and her calf, It even remembered the dog, then Victoria played for my mother, my sister, myself and the whole of that branch of the family, oh Lord, the prayer swung from our branch of the family to her own. She asked God to spare the trains she went on. She had two children to feed and clothe, And this, Dear lord, reminded her of the wicked woman who had left her son with two young girls and gone off with another man to the pleasure of the evil city, " you know what to do with such as her, Oh Lord, don't you? you will punish her and show that sin does not pay....."
   By the time that Victoria Petersen had finished playing, the food was cold. My mother looked at her food then at Victoria. " I'm sure the Lord would like us to have our food hot, Auntie." she said " thank you, Patricia, but i think I've lived with the Lord much longer than you have." I caught the glint of a smile on my mother's face as she bent over her food. We were half-way through our meal when there was a knock at the door, Thing happened fast. Victoia whisked away the two pots under the bed. The little girl gathered up the spoons and took them to the washing-up bucket in the corner. Then Victoria took our half-eaten plates of food and pushed them far back under the bed. "Now talk and laugh," she snapped.
   My mother said something.Old Victoria opened her mouth and cackled away as though genuinely amused by something funny. The knock sounded again. "I think there's somenoe at the door," Victoria's voice was loud enough for the outside to hear. My mother went to the door. The priest and his wife came in. "We thought we might call on you tonight, Sister Petersen," the priest said. "It is very beautiful of you, Reverend." " But do not let us keep you from what you were doing," the priest said, looking at the bare table and the fire with nothing on it. "Yes," said the woman. "Have your supper and don't mind us." "We have already eaten," Victoria Said. "But come and sit down." The priest bit his lower lip as though deep in thought. "Anything wrong?" Victoria asked. The priest turned to his wife. "Did you take the medicine to the sick old man, my dear?" A look of horror spread over the woman's face. "I must ask you to excuse us, sister," the priest said. "I understand, Reverend," Victoria murmured. They hurried out. " See if they have gone," Victoria said."My mother went, " They have gone." Victoria got the Food from under the bed. "Seems you were right Patricia. The Good Lord seems to want us to eat warm food tonight. I'll put it all back in the pots to warm up."
    "Why not pray while it's warming?" my mother said. A wicked glint showed briefly in Victoria's eyes. She prayed. There was no need for her to remind God how hard times were. He knew, too, that she had done her best by the preacher and his wife. Why, only today she had walked her poor legs sick collecting for the preacher's rent. And she had fed them three times this week. And God knew how big their appetites were and how little she had. There were others who had more. As for this little thing of tonight, well, she and God understood each other. They both knew what hard times meant, even if younger people had silly thoughts. Amen.

the 7 wonder's of the world

Victory falls is one of the 7 wonder's of the world, and its located in Southern part of Zambia and northen part of Zimbabwe, this name of the fall's was given a name after it was discovered by David Lingstone in 1951, they are number of turiste who come to visit Zambia becouse of God's nature. Victory falls is the largest    and longest fall in Africa, and its the second largest falls in the world. its also known as native africans call this natural wonder of the worls "mosi oa Tunya" (the smoke that thunders)

types of dogs

Sunday, 11 December 2011

the clouds and its beauty

this was my first time to take airline as a means of transport, and i was happy, and i taked a good moment of taking some nice photo when i was in the Airplane, i was travelling from Zambia to Italy. there these are the photos.

the vatican city, the home town of catholic church.

 St Peter's Basilica

The city of vatican, is the most know City in the whole world, and it is also the smallest nation in the world, its hold by the catholic, and its found inside the city of Rome.

Life of St Francis of Assisi

The city of assisi is where St Francis was born, in 1181/2, and i would love to share some of the photo's of Assisi, the home town of St Francis. St Francis was the founder of all franciscan order's. St Francis was died on  1226. St Francis is the patron St of Italy, and his memory is on 4 October.
On this photos, those are the major place's St francis used to play.

    Basilica of Mary of Angels

Basilica of St Francis
City of Assisi, located
central part of Italy.

 statua of St Francis

these are the pictures of city of Assisi, and basilica of St Francis, basilica of St Chiare, and basilica of  Mary of Angels.