Saturday, 31 December 2011

I married you. (part 5)

My holiday, journey.

In January after Christmas period the prices of air-tickets were reduced to £600 to and fro, which was from Rome-Italy, Fiumicino airport to Lusaka-Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda airport. Hence, I decided to buy it though I was remaining with two and half months before my holiday. In February we started writing the end of the first semester exams. Days moved very fast, after exams I started preparing for my journey and on the 18 March, I left for Zambia. I had a flight at 00:05hrs Italian time. However, around 22hrs I was already at the airport and before check-up, I bought some phone tokens and I went on a public phone in the airport to call Chishimba, my friend in Zambia. The phone rang for some times and later he answered “Hello boyi James…hello, how did you know it was me ,, “ I saw the international number,,,” Ok, Boyi listen, I’m about to start off, I called to ask if you can come and pick me up at the airport. Besides, if you don’t mind, can you come with Florence to the airport…?Yes boyi, in fact she asked me about you” What did she say? “No! She just asked when you are coming for your holiday… I can’t wait to see you,” Me too boyi hello, hello!!! The line was cut. Oh my God, I forgot to tell him the time we are landing Zambia. Anyway the message is taken; at 23hrs we started boarding. The journey seems to be boring especially that I had no one to talk to. At the entrance of the plane the airhostess welcomed me: ‹‹safe journey sir, here is your seat›› thank you madam. My seat number was ET 703 next to the window and to my opposite, sat a white man.

We had 05hours and 45minutes NON STOP from Rome-Fiumicino to Addis Ababa-Ethiopia. I used Ethiopian airlines. 30 minutes after the take-off, I took the mp3 and I started listening to Lucky Dube songs. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the trip, others were reading novels, others talking to each other, others were sleeping and others like me were in hear-phones listening to music. We all seemed safer and comfortable. 3hours after our departure, there were an announcement from the pilot. ATTENTION PLEASE!!! “Fasten your seat belts,” I looked through the window it was still dark, tension came almost to everyone as airhostess were passing fast to ensure that everyone has fastened the belt. I removed my hear-phones and I experienced a deeper silence, everyone was quiet. I would only hear the engine of the plane. We later started closing a very bad wind storm… as the plane started moving suddenly up and down, as it goes against the storm... I heard a woman sitting in front of me, calling in a low voice; “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!!” I got more tensed, 10 minutes of this tension seemed like hours. Later we passed the storm and the flat came back to normal.

Around 04:20hrs, Ethiopian time… we landed and we remained in Addis Ababa for about four hours. At 07 pm we left for Zambia via Zimbabwe. As soon as we started off, I said a prayer this time, I was a bit nervous. In that flight I was not sitting on the window side but sat a girl. This girl never bothered to look at me or greet me… As we were enjoying the flight, she started taking the pictures. I was looking for the ways of starting a conversation with her. Hence, I stood up and got my camera from my small bag… well, this will be the excuse to talk to this girl; I thought while putting the batteries in my camera. Excuse me? Can you take a picture for me using my camera? “Sure why not...” she replied. She took my camera and took more pictures… “Okay, I have taken more; you will see yourself the best ones” Thank you. “You are welcome” she said. Where are you heading to? I asked just to keep her talking while I was taking a look at the photos she took. “Oh!!! You mean me?” yes, “I’m going to Zambia” are you a Zambian; I asked? “Yes, do I seem not?No!! I just asked since we are passing to Zimbabwe, so I thought you may be a Zimbabwean. “Me a Zimbabwean? No!!!!” she looked at me and laughed… Yes, people from Zimbabwe looks like us Zambians, “I don’t think so,,, In Canada, I met tow women from Zimbabwe and I was able to tell from the first sight that they were not Zambians” Ok let me say, some looks like us. ah..If you say so I can agree.

She seemed to be closed up when we started the journey but I realized she was an extrovert. We talked about religion, Zambian politics, about personal experiences in foreign country and about academic aspects. “By the way, I’m Lillian…” she said. Oh!! Sure we did not ask names before; I’m James Sikanla. “James Sinkala…?” yes, why do you ask? “No, just for my curiosity, are you the author of that article which was recently published in Lusaka Times, online news paper; entitled (THE PHILOSOPHY OF DONCHI KUBEBE AND NAFUTI NAFUTI the thunder in Zambian politics)…??” Oh,, I see, yes it’s me, what was your comment?? In fact, if you read the comments, I wrote one there,, anyway that was a very good observation; it’s nice to know you in personal Thank you for your complement. The four hours NON STOP journey seemed shorter; we landed Zimbabwe and 45minutes later we started off for Zambia, the final destination of the plane...

Friday, 30 December 2011

I married you (part 4)

Dear Chishimba,

I hope this letter finds you in a sound health. For me I cannot complain the Lord has been there for me in every situation.

In the first place I would like to apologize for not replying your letter in time. This was due to the tight programme I have here. However, I received your letter last month and I was very happy to hear from you and that the family is doing fine.

School is going on well and I’m now writing my thesis in political philosophy. I’m currently doing the first part of it and in June, I will be defending my bachelor diploma. Boyi, here school is not all that difficult as in Zambia but the problem here is language. My first year at school was more challenging due to the language; thank God some professors were very understanding and tolerance on me. However, I couldn’t have made it up to now.

Thanks for your complements and for your friends comments. Yes ba boyi (my friend) many are the times when I finish reading a novel I say to myself ‹‹I could have written this book›› you know what? You were right, I believe everyone, carries at least one novel around, in his head or his heart. Novelist Toni Morrison put it this way: “if there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it…” ha ha ha. Writing a book is an easy task. Nevertheless, every day new novels are published. However, writing a novel cannot be easy. For example; when you are at the university, like in my case or when you have a full time job, family etc... I wish to write a novel after defending my thesis in June next year.

Finally, in March after exams I’m coming home for my vacation, for three months. I have really missed you guys; I can’t wait to see you again after all these years. I expect to find my best dish (nshima). About Florence, ba boyi (my friend) I’m dying here from curiosity of knowing this girl because I do not remember sitting next to a girl on your birthday party but that is not the reason why I haven’t enclose anything for her But I can’t just find words to write to a person I do not know. Pass my regards to her and say thanks on my behalf. Till then!!! Take care boyi.

Yours James

Thursday, 29 December 2011

ti ho sposata (prima parte)

Da oggi in poi su questo blog sarà pubblicata  una storia d'amore ogni 48 ore. I nomi e i luoghi utilizzati in queste storie sono puramente di fantasia.
 1.Ho ricevuto una lettera

Mi sono svegliato di lunedì mattina presto, ho aperto le finestre della mia stanza, ma la giornata era così ventosa e fredda, che ho dovuto chiudere e scappare a fare una doccia calda. Poi mi sono lavato i denti. Alle 08:30 circa ore il campanello alla mia porta squillò. Guardando attraverso la finestra non riuscivo a vedere nessuno ... "Chi  è ...?"- ho detto. Nessuno rispose. " Ma chi è ...?"- ho chiamato più forte ancora. Ho sentito una moto davanti alla porta del mio vicino e ho capito che era il postino, così sono andato a controllare nella cassetta della posta e ho trovato una lettera "A: James Sinkala" Wow! Che magnifica giornata, mi sono detto sulla via del ritorno nella mia stanza. Ho aperto la lettera, era del mio amico d' infanzia  Chrispine Chishimba:
"Caro James,
spero che tu stia bene lì e che i tuoi studi procedano. Qui stiamo tutti bene, ma ci manchi tu amico.
Ti scrivo per congratularmi con te per l'articolo che hai scritto in "CHALLENGE MAGAZINE " dal titolo "QUAL  È IL MIO DESIDERIO". L'ho letto con attenzione e mi è piaciuto davvero molto. Infatti, la maggior parte dei miei amici e miei colleghi che l'hanno letto, hanno fatto buoni commenti e alcuni di loro hanno suggerito che si dovrebbe scrivere un libro e condividere qualcosa di più sull'influenza interna ed esterna, nel processo decisionale'. Ero d'accordo con loro perché nella maggior parte dei casi mi sono trovato tra il diavolo e il mare profondo ogni volta che ho preso una decisione fondamentale e molte volte ho avuto dei rimpianti dopo. Comunque non vedo l'ora di leggere la seconda parte del tuo articolo.
Inoltre, amico, ti ricordi di una ragazza di nome Florence? Era seduta accanto a te alla mia festa di compleanno. Ti manda i suoi saluti. Amico, quella ragazza è pazza di te. Da quel giorno non ha mai smesso di parlare di te. Ama la tua personalità e ti descrive come un ragazzo serio. Ti piacerebbe mandarle un bigliettino di saluto quando mi rispondi? Lei lo apprezzerebbe tantissimo. Spero non considererai la mia richiesta  come  "influenze esterne" .... ah ah ah -)) Continua a studiare duro amico. Spero di rivederti presto.
Un abbraccio forte forte
Chishimba “.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I married you (part 3)

Loving can also mean that entering in dialogue with a person you do not know. The different can be race, culture or background. Hence, you need to be courageous enough to face this reality in life... Last time you shared me a story where your father was stopping you from going out with girls but I think that time as gone, by then your father had a reason but now, you are in university and you are 29. I don’t think you can’t handle a relationship.” I’m listening, “yea because if you cannot start dating now, it will be difficult when you start working to make up a good choice. On the other hand, when you are working it’s hard to know the real lover because many are the times when women comes open to you in the name of love but in reality they just follow money and material things but if you come all along with a girl, you will be able to understand her, because you have summered and wintered with her.I nod my head to show him I agreed with what he was saying. “In your reply just ask your friend to send you her phone number” No Marco, I answered fast, I thought of that but I don’t want to talk to her, I’m afraid to give her false hopes, maybe I will do that after seeing her... You remember that story on Striscia notizia TV programme? Striscia notizia, is a programme that comes on Italian TV channel, where they show live meetings of partners who have never seen each other before... One day they showed a man who was waiting to meet her partner on stage before cameras and later came a beautiful lady on a wheelchair... Ha ha ha Marco, laughed, “Jemas, the problem is you think too much, anyway that on striscia notiza was really funny… But did you learn that later the man married that lady?” sure!! No I did not know, “yes the man married the lady and they showed their wending on TG24hrs TV channel” Anyway, I will reply to the letter as soon as I have time.

We reached in no time at my professor’s house and we left professor’s home around 15:30hrs. Marco, left his car at the school car park so I had to escort him there. On my way back home, I found an accident just before, getting into the high way road. The Police men who were recording the cause of accident closed the road from both sides and I remained in the queue for over 30 minutes. While in the queue I started reflecting on Marco’s words. My heart was already in love with this unknown Florence. I think Marco, had a point it’s high time I took courage and get into a serious relationship. “Boyi the girl just went crazy about” I remember the words in the letter and I smiled... Later on, the police allowed the one way road and slowly-slowly we started moving until I passed. The accident happened when a car hit a bicyclist and he died on the spot, I saw the bicycle besides the road and the dead body was there covered in a blanket, while the ambulance was there as the police men were taking marks on the scene... I was filled with fear after seeing the blood on the road like that...

I reached home in no time. Oh!! My God, what a tough day, I said to myself while sitting on the chair. As I was relaxing while listening to Zambian music I started dozing. Hence, I went in room to take a nap, which I over slept and I wake-up around 18:30hrs. Fast I went through Tuesday’s work and after super I went in library to look for some books my professor indicated for my thesis. When I was studying, I failed to capture my mind and concentrate, my mind was away. Hence, I stop and went in bed early. Before, sleeping, I read the letter once more, the part I liked in that letter is where he wrote“…. Boyi, do you remember a girl by the name of Florence who sat next to you on my birthday party at my place? She is greeting you. The girl boyi just went crazy about you. Since that time she has been talking about you. She loved your personality and she describes you as a serious person...” come on, I tried to distract my mind… maybe Chishimba was just making funny of me, knowing that I’m still single; I thought. For sure I had curiosity of knowing that girl. Anyway I will ask Chishimba more about this girl in my reply. I slept while holding the letter in hands...

Weeks passed but I did not forget replying a letter to my friend, I was thinking about it but I had no time to sit down and compose him a letter. I wanted to finish first writing the first part of my thesis before Christmas. On Saturday, I decided to reply to Chishimba’s and on Tuesday I posted it:

Monday, 26 December 2011

i married you (part 2)

After reading the letter I was taken in thoughts, trying to remember who Florence was. I didn’t remember any girl sitting next to me that day... I checked my watch and it was 09:10hrs... “Oh!! My Goodness I’m late”- I said… I had a discussion at school with my colleagues and it was my turn to present that week. It used to take 15 minutes by car to get to the university. I dressed up faster than ever in a jean trousers and a nice shirt that Chishimba bought for me when I left Zambia. I arrived to the university 30 minutes late. I ran up the stairs unto the third floor where we agreed to meet in room 8... I found everyone sited down waiting for me. I excused myself before the class but Nicolas a Polish said: “James, you might have an excuse for coming late, but we are not interested in it, just give us your work’s outline... While he was saying that, I heard in the backroom an Indian classmate saying “l’Africa l’Africa…” This time I felt offended, even though we used to joke like that each time someone came late to the classroom. Nevertheless, since I was the victim, I kept silence and started to distribute the paper without saying a word.

Even though I was present in that meeting my mind was absent. I was so much taken by the complements Florence made me through my friendDays seemed to pass so slowly, that I couldn’t wait for the school year to finish. It was November and there were still 5 months remaining for holidays, which started in March... When I was at the university, the desire to have a girlfriend was growing each day. What could stop me from having the girlfriend of my choice?

After the discussion, I went with Marco to talk with the professor who was helping me to write my thesis. Marco is the only Italian student in our class. He was very intelligent and had a good character. On the way I told him about the letter. Wow!! Dear friend, don’t miss that girl Marco said. But Marco, how can I get in touch with a girl that I don’t even remember? I asked him; “James you are no longer a child, you are a man now”, he immediately replied while laughing at me; it’s been a long time you came out of that shell and I know that true love scares but your matter is not that different than how I started my relationship with Hellen”. I interrupted him..: No Marco, you and Hellen have been friends for a long time. He answered: “even though, we just met once, things started from there.

During 2009’s summer vacation, we went for a scout camping in the mountains for about four days and ever since we came to know each other. Afterwards we never saw each other again for over 3 months. In the course of that period we just exchanged letters and messages on facebook and now our love for each other has grown a lot. I can’t complain, she is all I need for my life.” Marco, right after you’ve met, you started to communicate, my situation is different, I replied. “What do you mean it’s different? James, love is art and if you are not an artist then you are not a man but an animal. I think Florence is an artist who wants to build up a relationship from love at first sight. You said she didn’t tell you a word that day, did she?” he asked. Yes, I answered, while giving him the chance to continue: “yea, because if she then said something like that, you might thought she is just one of those poor girls who takes advantage of occasions like that one to trap guys.”

Marco, but you know what..? I’m very scared to fall in love now; I mean falling in love is quire to disappointments and heart breaks “James is this all you know about love? I can assure you that you will never marry an angle from heaven, I mean in every relationship there are problems but it’s a duty of lovers to set up rules of dos and don’ts, In life if you are not ready to take risks you will never move on... Love is the most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a glowing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase is not an easy thing… This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing, it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of Divine accident.