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Attn: Beneficiary,

This is to inform you about the latest RESOLVED by the Board of Directors in respect to your (UNCLAIMED) Inheritance; Lotto won which have been in our custody for a long period till date. We learnt that you were asked to pay some certain amount in order to receive your (FUNDS) of which you could not then, due to one reason or the other. Now Western Union (Department) here is offering you a (SPECIAL BONUS COMPENSATION) to help you in receiving your total (FUNDS) in our custody. In other words, we are now need ($32) only from you for RE-NEW AND RECONFIRM FEE YOUR OLD PAYMENT FILE which was expired to enable you start receiving your (OUTSTANDING UNCLAIMED FUNDS) left in our custody.

Meanwhile, this is the last opportunity for you to receive your (FUNDS) and you are advised for your best interest to comply immediately with this resolution and you will start receiving your funds ($9,000) per day 2x1, totaling ($2.700,000.00). Note that after (4 DAYS) of this notice and you fail to make the renewal payment as required, then we will convert the funds to Government account as the law stipulates here which will result to a cancellation of your payment. Also Note that after (3 weeks) of this notice, we shall enter for a new project for the year and that is our reason for offering you this help, so do not to fail to comply.

You are hereby advised to contact the paying officer as directed and send your details as stated below and also pay the ($32) immediately, so that we can key in your payment in our PAYMENT DATA BASE to enable you to start receiving your payment from tomorrow

After the payment of ($32) you will start receiving your money every day ($4,500 X 2) either through Western Union or Money Gram preferably by you ($9,000) until the full payment of ($2.700,000.00) is completed. The total sum you will be receiving per day is ($9,000) in two payment ($4,500 X 2)

Now re-confirm and forward the below required information to the Paying Officer to avoid wrong transfer:

(1) Beneficiary Name----------------
(2) Country and Address--------------------
(3) Direct Tel------------------
(4) Attach of your ID or driving license--------------------

Contact Person: Dr. Victor Ethelbert,
Tel: +229 (683-288-81)

  Here is the information to make the payment through Western Union  office nearby,
Receiver:     Mrs Abuchi Ekwegbelu.
Country:     Benin Republic
City:     Cotonou
Amount:     USD$32
Question:     Confirm
Answer:     Ready

Yours Faithfully.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Is this the beginning or is it the end? My heart speaks my Mind denies.

Sometimes my heart ask" is this my life or am i leading someone's life"? my heart speaks but my mind denies.

I have given my whole self to God and to live  only for him, but sometimes my attentions is focused on other things and i live only for those things. my heart speaks but my mind denies.

I love the Load Jesus christ than anything else, but it is someone else i dream of, and long to be heart speaks and my heart denies.

To love is my vocation, but sometimes i find myself not liking this one and not speaking to that one.. my heart speaks but my mind denies.... I pray to God for this and that when I am in need, but it is someone else who listens and provides. My heart speaks but my mind denies.

In pain and suffering i cling to the cross of Jesus, but it is someone else who comforts and provides a shoulder to learn and cry on. my heart speaks and my but my mind denies.

When my soul is troubled i kneel before the tabernacle, but it is someone else who cares and calms me down... my heart speaks and my mind denies.

I say daily prayers and find time to be with the lord, but it is someone else who speaks to me and cheers my heart... my heart speaks and my mind denies.

I my life, someone is visible, but someone i expect is not. So i search for that someone in someone elso... my heart speaks but my mind denies.

In this the beginning of religious life or is it the end... Have I arrived or am i far away from home? Is my life meaningful or is it meaningless? My heart speaks but my mind denies.

Living a life that is meaningful doesn't happen by's not a matter of circumstance but of choice... my heart speaks but my mind denies.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Please don't apply if you received this email im your inbox o something about awards from microsoft award time, someone had lost much money on this..... I received it today in may email address... just in case its had happened to you, do not sign anything.... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Microsoft Award Team
Baley House, Har Road
Sutton, Greater London
SM1 4te United A Kingdom.
Batch: 12/25/0340


We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws held on the (25th December 2011) by Microsoft Award Promtion, your email was among th 20 Lucky winners who won £
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However the results were released on 29th  December 2011 and your email was attached to ticket number (7PWYZ2006) and ballot number (BT:12052006/20 The online draws was conducted by a random selection of email addresses from an exclusive list of 29,031 E-mail addresses of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the  internet. However, no tickets were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy.

The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection machine (TOPAZ) from a database of over  250,000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world. This Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed  by the The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).This lottery is the 3rd of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public.

In other to claim your£1,000,000.00 prize winning, which has been deposited in a designated bank. However,you will have to fill the form below and send it to the Promotion manager of THE MICROSOFT COMPANY for verification and then
your winning cheque of  £
 1,000,000.00 has already been written  in your favour.

AMOUNT WON. £ 1,000,000.00

Please you are adviced to complete the form and send it immediately to our Promotion manager through email or fax for prompt collection of your fund from the designated bank.

Name: Mr. Terry Martins
E mail :

You are to keep all lotto information away from the general public especially your ticket number and ballot number. (This is important as a case of double claims will not be entertained).

Accept my hearty congratulations once again!

Yours faithfully,

Agent Mrs Rose Wood

Il tuo browser potrebbe non supportare la visualizzazione di questa immagine. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

final part I married you

Wedding day
My house was not very far from the cathedral catholic church, so when the first bell rang in readiness for our wedding ceremony… my heart started beating faster… It was a Saturday of the 23rd August… I was in room and the house was filled with people, friends and family members… Marco and Hellen, my Italian friends had their wedding a month ago and they came to attend our wedding… I got tensed… women were singing outside, others were in the kitchen busy cooking and my uncles and other elder family members from Alice’s side were in the living room telling stories… I looked at my watch it was 08:10hrs and the wedding ceremony was at 09:00hrs …I thought of calling Alice but I realized she had her phone off… I felt weak in my knees… as I was walking around the room as to control tension, I saw a small paper on bed and I picked it; it was the paper we were using for reassesses; what to say and how to respond in wedding mass… I started reassessing once more ‹‹I James Sinkala, I take you Alice Nakonja as my……›› as I was memorizing my lines… There was a knock; it was my grandmother passing me a phone… “It’s your wife Alice, she is too overwhelmed”; said grandmother... I got the phone; Hello darling!!! “…hi James, are you ready” she asked and her voice seemed like she was crying… Yes dear I’m very ready, courage; I said. But my grandmother got the phone before we finished talking… “Campwa mayo nomba ka…?” I heard my grandmother talking with her while she was walking away from me… I went back in room. The second bells rang from the church, this time I was a bit calm… later I hear a noise from outside, I looked through the window it was a convoy of cars entering in the yard… shortly uncle called and we joined the convoy and we left for church… I wanted to look in Alice’s face but she was in a long veil that covered her face… She looked very beautiful in her wedding dress; I would not wait to unveil her face…
By the time our convoy arrived at the church, the car park was already filled, only our car was allowed to enter up to the front of the church’s door. As tradition Alice remained behind with her parents, I walked in and sat in between my parents as well. The wedding mass was celebrated by Fr. Tiza a Zimbabwean priest, by then he was the parish priest at cathedral catholic church. After the introduction, Alice was brought in by her parents to where we were… We stood up and I was in between Mummy and Daddy… When they reached us both my in-law parents handed me Alice and we both preceded in front were we sat and mass started…
During mass as Fr. Tiza was giving a homily I was taken in thoughts… I was thinking about how I shall kiss her when that part comes, I thought about the reception and about the stress I went through in preparation for the all ceremony… etc. I really got lost in these thoughts. When church patricians laughed after Fr. Tiza said; «naked but not ashamed», he justified his saying as he continued saying; “now that James and Alice have consecrated their marriage, they have own the grace upon  grace from God and this grace is only given to those who are in a wedlock… if you are outside marriage, you cannot enjoy this grace with a free conscience, for it is not given to you from God… now James and Alice, shall enjoy it” people laughed and he ended his homily like that.
After mass as we were walking out, old men and women walked before wearing tradition attire, they were singing and dancing, and then I saw Marco and Helen taking pictures … When journalist of the RAI NEWS PAPER first asked Alice about our future plans and where we shall go for honeymoon… Alice first looked at me and smiled; “about our future plans that remains between us and about honeymoon we shall be in one of the villages in muchinga provinces” said Alice … another female journalist, asked again “why have you chosen to have your honeymoons from the village? Alice answered; “We need our marriage to have that back-ground, since I and James, grew up from small town we would like to remind ourselves of that back-ground for a month and then we shall processed our life in this city of Ndola” … I looked at Alice and gave her a side smile, I never thought she was serious that day we talked over that… I had no options before cameras and everyone but to agree with Alice I then added by saying; Yes, we shall be in Nabwalya village where we shall remain for a month… “Do you have a family in Nabwalya” asked the Journalist. No, we shall just find a small house for rent…  
Our honeymoon in Nabwalya Village
Nabwalya chiumbo, is a small village found in Muchinga province to the far east of Mpika district. Most of the people here are domestic farms, hurters and fishers in Lwangwa River… By then there wasn’t any phone network and the language people were using was Besa and none of us was speaking it at that time but we understood because it is not very different from our language Bemba… We found a small house for rent… In the mornings I used to go to a small stream to draw water, while Alice could go to collect some fire-hoods.
In Nabwalya by then only 30% of the population was Christian’s believers and 70% were traditional believers… On Sundays after mass, the villager’s believers and nonbelievers used to come to sell fish, and bush meats in private, fearing the “wildlife conservation”… We got acclimatized in no time and we came to learn that people were very kind with us… we had a lot of experiences in this one month with this people… A month later we went back to copper belt province.

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

I married you. (part 15)

Since, I was working in Ndola town and I was going at ‹‹Christ the King’s Cathedral church›› and Alice was working in Luanshya… We were given a couple Mr. and Mrs. Mwanza who started giving us lessons on ‹‹marriage life›› according to Catholic marriage doctrine. Mr. and Mrs. Mwanza’s couple was inspiring to us… we used to have lessons once in a week at their home place and Alice used to come every Wednesdays… each time we entered in their house we all felt at home…

The last lesson just a week before our wedding day was the best lesson that I and Alice shall never forget

‹‹James and Alice, Marriage is like a cage; those outside are desperate to get in, and
those inside are desperate to get out
… and from my understanding, what makes a couple becomes desperate in that cage, is the means you used to get in it... some they use a SEX entrance, some use LOVE entrance and others the LEAVE entrance... Mostly, couples who get in the cage through sex entrance they suffer a lot, when marriage gets sick and they become desperate inside; Said Mr. Mwanza and Mrs. Mwanza concluded; thank God it can be cured if they are both willing…

“SEX ENTRANCE; this door is used mostly to young men and women in courtship… they think sharing sex at the stage of their relationship is health and helpful in strengthening their love… but in reality this becomes a disease in future ‹‹marriage life›› …sex is a very small aspect of love... with time you will understand that a health marriage is not built up by it but by real love… As a young woman in a relationship, you should learn how to keep your man’s fancy for you on fire… I mean; keep him desiring for it as you look forward for a wedding day… do not give in much for sex outside marriage, because it may become a disease in your marriage and you will not even realize the cause by then… you can only tell when you hear your partner in bed starts giving you excuses… ‹‹I’m tired… it’s too hot… we shall do it later…›› etc and later you see a couple start suffering from sexual starvation. Hence, one becomes desperate in that cage and later marriage dies…” said Mr. Mwanza.

“LOVE ENTRANCE; Love is a big body that can’t be reduced to sex making… If this door is used to get into your ‹‹marriage life›› the marriage will stand the test of time. Love is a inner influence; by inner influence I mean; …that feeling that comes in you when you look in the eyes of a person you love… when your eyes meets and you cannot speak …you get weak in the knees …your heart skips a couple of beats, your souls touch one another and a feeling inside you grows that none of you can put it in words, to make the other one understand… and since, you can’t define or describe it… you will both have task to put your feelings in practice so as to help your partner realize it… ‹‹marriage life›› suffers a lot if one of you does not know how to interpret his inner feelings into actions or in words… Besides, you both have a task to learn your friend’s language; by language here I mean; what you will say and only two of you can understand… your partners face should be a news paper that only your eye can read…” said Mrs. Mwanza.

LEAVING ENTRANCE; Let me just explain what Mr. Mwanza meant by leaving entrances, in the cage as we put it in today’s topic… many young men and women they love and hurry to get married but they do not understand what it means to LEAVE their family and make one family and one body with their partner... When God said; ‹‹a man shall leave his family and join a woman to become one body›› He did not mean leave in the sense of leaving and forgetting about your father and mother NO!!! But this leaving is where you become a head of your house and the head of kitchen… Alice, the head of kitchen I mean, when you visit your parents you should know that their kitchen is no longer yours and when your mother visits your house you should know that you are the head of that kitchen and never shall your mother get busy cooling for your husband… For you James, leaving means; been responsible of your young family and know the friends you associate with at working places or in society… If one still feels to belong to her or his maternal family even after marriage, then that becomes a disease in ‹‹marriage life.›› Because you will always want to go out to see your mother, old friends etc... Stay at home and make your husband has your new model of life… Said Mrs. Mwanza.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

I married you. (part 14)

Our courtship

After two years of our distance relationship… we finally lived in the same region and we enjoyed our courtship for one year… The first time I asked Alice about our wedding, she said; “…why are you in a hurry…I will be happy to get married. But at the moment I am enjoying our courtship…” For real Alice; I too enjoy this period but it’s high time we got into the wed-lock. “…James, I’m afraid” why are you afraid…? I asked her and then she said; “Imagine hundreds of people flowing into the church just for us two; how will I behave before your parents, your family members and your friends at large, I’m too shy” hahaha… we laughed and then I said; Alice, come on! The time of shyness is gone and I think shyness was just an index of our future life… “I hope I will not have the same feeling I had the first time I kissed you…” How was your feeling; I asked her. “…I had to ask myself a lot of questions and I started reflecting on a “kiss” ‹‹why, what will I get from it, I love him but why should I kiss him›› so many questions that I had no proper answer to them all, to be sincere most of the time I did it unwillingly especially at the beginning… after sometimes I started feeling and understanding why I had to kiss you and why you were longing for it… Now that I feel we are one, I really enjoying kissing you, I long for it and now I know a kiss as to be enjoyed by both of us, you are not giving it to me and I’m not giving it to you but sharing what we have…” wow!!!! I never knew that was your feeling in the first place, I’m happy to learn that… So now tell me, you mean you are not ready to marry me…? “I was just joking I’m ready for the wedding but let’s look for days that we shall be both free from work” When I asked her about honeymoon she said; “James, about honeymoon I will be the me to choose the place where we shall go but be informed that it shall be in a typical village somewhere in your province”

Monday, 16 January 2012

I married you. (part 13)

I quarreled with her.

This was the first time I got upset with her, not because she wrote that but because she did not inform me. We have been talking on msn and texting a lot but why didn’t she tell me that…? As I was thinking that, she replied;

“If you were embarrassed over that, then I’m sorry I did not know that your girlfriends at school will be mad with you…”

After reading this sms, I got more upset with her, so in the evening I called her on ‘msn’ and we talked for at least 3 hours… during this talk Alice, spoke less… she was not herself... Alice, are you sure just that sms I wrote has made you so sad that you don’t even what to talk nicely with me? I asked her… “No… no… ” she said. What could be the reason then…? What have I done dear? You know that I’m not happy to hear you in this tone of your voice…

“Anyway, let me be sincere with you… one day I just missed you and I opened your fb account and I found some of your fb girlfriends online… and I was tempted to chat with one girl in your name but I did not like the way she was giving you the complements… I know you are handsome but…” But what…? I asked? She kept quiet and she turned off the webcam…

Why are you becoming so insecure now…? I asked and I continued talking. Alice, I love you and I want you to be secure... Darling many are the times when fb friends make comments of complements on my photos but their words does not change anything... It`s you I love Alice, you are the girl of my choice, no one but you…. I know we never had enough time to be together but I still believe in the small moments that we have had when I was down there...I said. “… James, you know that I love you too and I’m very jealous of you… but I believe it’s only you who can remove this feeling of insecurity I have…” She said and later I came to realized that she just wanted to draw my attention…

One week later after a small quarrel, which I believe brought in confidence and more trust in our relationship… I received a letter from her:

“Dear James,

I say a million thanks to God for giving me this opportunity of writing few words to you. It’s my prayer that you are fine physically and spiritually. All is well here but you also left me “nobulwele bwa mutima,” which is “amatontokanyo”. I have been failing to think of anything else and studies for me now are harder than before.

Anyway I do not know what to say or to share with you my love. However, I would like to begin with thanking you for your letter and for the nice photos you sent me… and thank you for who you are to me, though it is difficult to express myself “pe pepala” (on the paper). “Unjeleleko” (forgive me) but I’m hoping to do it properly… when you come back and in years to come… As I have said about my sickness in my introduction part; James even for me, ever since I came to know you I have never been normal. Almost every time, I think about you. Those three occasions we met have left memories bigger than the world. I try to control my thoughts… but it is impossible for me to avoid it. How do you overcome yourself from thinking about me? Many times I talk, smile and laugh alone. Am told to be a happy person by my friends… but I failed to share with any of them the source of my happiness, which is you... My darling, you have brought happiness in my world as well, you make me smile and look forward... I’m very happy and proud of you. I feel comfortable whenever I’m talking to you, “Ala kuno njendafye cilumba cilumba” (I walk majestically) “bose balapapa” (they are all surprised). You have changed me as well... You are a mature person and a responsible man. I always wish you were my brother… I’m sure your sister and your brothers happy and proud of you.

Seeing your photos that you enclosed in your letter which I received a week ago… “insansa shicili mumatobo ine nemunobe” (I’m still happy). Thank you for showing me how important I ‘am to you. When you were young, you seemed to be serious but I cannot tell by looking at a picture. Then as Mr.James, you have grown very handsome “Napapata amenso panshi” (please keep your eyes down). I know even Italian girls cannot let you walk alone… Mukese tupashishakofye umwana then if you want mukacite ifyo mulefwaya. Mwaumfwe? Icimutwe!!!!!”

Years come and go but memories will be there always. In 2007, I was in love with a man, who pretended to love me. I loved him so crazily... Nevertheless, I thank God; I never shared anything real with him not even a kiss... That experience has taught me a lot and I hope not to go through the same. Despite the doubts I have in our distance relationship but I trust you. I have many boyfriends but none of them I can compare you to. So take care of my feelings ba James please!!! I’m a real and pure virgin… and I would like to renew my promises as well… I will keep it for you. My intention is to love you for better and for worse until the Lord says it’s now over. I have said this because in you I see a man who can understand and accept me the way I’m.

Wise, men say “it is not by pulling off the petals of the flower that you can get its beauty.” Diplomatic people interpolate it in their own words... but a poor girl like me not rich in knowledge I can say; we all need patience to know each other... Although am not mature in the way I behave and do things, I feel very old enough to have you as my own… and I hope you will help me to be a person you need me to be... Therefore, it is up to you to be serious and real with what you say or do. Maggie (My friend), likes to tell me that “two wrongs can make a right”. I’m happy each time I hear these wisdom words from her... James, we all know our past and where we are but we do not know where we are going… thus lets be focused, I cannot wait to see the hour you will take me to the altar.

Mother Theresa one of my favorite saints said; “what you do does not matter but the effort you put matters most.” I’m talking about school now. Please don’t worst time playing around; you are not there for picnic. Opportunity comes once in one’s life. Hence, do not worst time anyhow, the girl you know is very understanding. I mean I will understand and give you chance to study. Time will come when I will be failing to understand you. I would like to see you prosper. Study and remain focused sweetheart. i love very much!!!

You will always be within my heart.

Sincerely, Alice.”

Saturday, 14 January 2012

i married you (part 12)

My three sisters
Around 08hrs in the evening, Alice called me; “Hi James, how are you doing there?” I’m fine; you have called me at a right time when I was just thinking about you… “Sure, so where are you?” I’m in my room... “Can you do me a favor…?” Yes dear, what can I do for you? “If the weather is cool go out and see if the sky is clear…” I walked outside while we were talking and I said; yes the sky here is very clear… “So it is here” she said. What can I do now? “From where I’m standing I can see the three stars to the east side, they are in the same line… can you see them…?” she asked. …Yes, I can see them as well here, we call them <three sisters> Ok, you can get inside now if it’s cold out there…I just wanted to show you the stars and tell you that; I hate stars because I look at the same ones, as you do but without you by my side…ha…ha…ha; you are really funny I said; …you know what…? I asked and continued talking… you have reminded me about my old days…when I was 9 in ‹‹Chilonga village››, my grandfather told us a story about the stars… one evening we sat around the fire with my cousins and then he (grandfather) asked us to look in the sky to show us the stars and he said; “each one of us has one star as a guardian angel” …and has he was saying we saw the shooting star and then he said; …you see that angel is going to guard his person… “ha… ha…ha… your ‹‹grandpa›› was funny anyway don’t worry I shall be your shooting star in your dark moments…” Said Alice. …and then I said; I cannot let you go back to the sky… ha… ha… ha… we talked and laughed and then she said; “James, let me leave with you a food for thought; as you go in bed ...send the answer tomorrow… Wind is to fire… as absence is to------?” really it’s a food for thoughtI remained outside over 30 minutes
Next day I sent her the sms… my first answer was MISS ‹‹absence is to miss›› but later in the night she sent me the sms;
Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. Hence, absence is to LOVE, gud nite.
It was always difficult to predict her answer in every question she asked me; I thought. I replied later on.
For real absences, is to love, because it was a year and half of our distance relationship and yet love and trust for each other have grown mature… we exchanged our passwords of all our social networks… and at time I used to open her facebook account and chat with her friends, while I pretended to be Alice. One day she wrote and posted my STATUS on my fb’s wall... For a while I did not open my fb account, so when I was at school one of my friends on fb asked; “James, when did it happen..?” What do you mean; I asked? “… I’m talking about what you posted on your status yesterday…” What!!!...? I excused myself and went to check my fb status, it read “James, just got married” …I did not change it… I realized it was Alice so I sent her the sms
Baby why didn’t you tell me that you have changed my fb status, u embarrassed me today at school, my friends asked me about it and I remained mute

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I married you. (part 11)

Dear Alice,

In the first place I would like to thank God who has given me this chance to write you a letter for the first time ever since we came to know each other. It`s really hard to write a letter in today’s world because there are now faster means of communication that surpasses this old fashion type of communication. However, I thought of giving you something in a written form for your historical reasons.

I would like to let you know that you mean a lot to me since the day I set my eyes on you until the far we have gone in our relationship. I thank God for bringing you in my life when I desperately needed someone like you. I am happy to let you know that my life has changed dramatically since our first encounter. Your good personality which has helped me to be the person I am today.

Darling, you have occupied my heart in a very special way and I cannot stop thinking about you. The very thought that you are a virgin and that you will preserve it for me keeps recurring in my mind. I am very grateful for this special gift though I feel unworthy of such a special gift.

My sweet, be assured of my love for you, despite the distance between us. I renew my promise to remain faithful to you throughout my life. Remember my dear Alice, I love you for who you are in my life and I believe that you were meant for me. The love I have for you is so immense that I have never felt this way for any other girl who came my way before you. You are my treasure and I keep you secure in the safest corner of my heart.

Finally, I have enclosed my childhood photos and recent ones. Keep them safe.

With lots of Love


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

ti ho sposata (parte 5)

La mia vacanza, il viaggio.

Nel mese di gennaio dopo il periodo di Natale i prezzi dei biglietti aerei sono stati ridotti a 600 £ andata e ritorno, che è stato da Roma-Italia, aeroporto di Fiumicino a Lusaka, Zambia,  aeroporto Kenneth Kaunda. Quindi, ho deciso di comprarlo anche se mancavano oncora due mesi e mezzo prima della mia vacanza. Nel mese di febbraio abbiamo iniziato a scrivere la fine degli esami del primo semestre. I giorni passano molto velocemente, dopo gli esami ho iniziato la preparazione per il mio viaggio e il 18 marzo, sono partito per lo Zambia. Ho avuto un volo alle 00:05 ora italiana. Tuttavia, alle 22  circa ore ero già in aeroporto e prima del check-up, ho comprato alcuni gettoni telefonici e sono andato da un telefono pubblico in aeroporto a chiamare Chishimba, il mio amico in Zambia. Il telefono ha squillato per alcune volte e poi ha risposto "Ciao amico James ..." ciao, come hai fatto a sapere che ero io, "Ho visto il numero internazionale,,," Ok, amico ascolta, sto per partire. Ho chiamato per chiedere se  puoi venire a prendermi all'aeroporto. Inoltre, se non ti dispiace, puoi venire con Florence  all'aeroporto ...? "Sì amico, infatti mi ha chiesto di te" Che cosa ha detto? "No! Ha solo chiesto quando torni  per le vacanze ... non vedo l'ora di vederti, "Anch'io amico ciao, ciao! La linea si è interrotta. Oh mio Dio, ho dimenticato di dirgli l'ora dell'atteggio in Zambia. In ogni caso il messaggio è stato inviato; alle 23:00 abbiamo iniziato l'imbarco. Il viaggio sembrava essere particolarmente noioso perchè non avevo nessuno con cui parlare. All'ingresso dell'aereo le hostess mi hanno accolto: <buon viaggio signore, questo è il suo posto>> grazie signora. Il mio numero era ET 703 accanto alla finestra e di fronte a me sedeva un uomo bianco.
Abbiamo volato per  05 ore e 45 minuti NON STOP da Roma-Fiumicino a Addis Abeba-Etiopia. Ho usato compagnie aeree etiopi. 30 minuti dopo il decollo, ho preso l'mp3 e ho iniziato ad ascoltare canzoni di Lucky Dube. Tutti sembravano godersi il viaggio, alcuni leggevano i romanzi, altri parlavano tra loro, altri dormivano e altri come me avevano le cuffie per ascoltare musica. A tutti noi sembrava molto sicuro e confortevole. 3 ore dopo la nostra partenza, ci fu un annuncio da parte del pilota. ATTENZIONE! "Allacciate le cinture di sicurezza," Ho guardato attraverso il finestrino ed era ancora buio. La tensione è subito salita quando le hostess sono passate veloci per garantire che tutti avessero allacciato la cintura. Ho tolto le cuffie e ho sperimentato un silenzio molto profondo, erano tutti ammutoliti. Sentivo solo il motore dell'aereo. Ci siamo avvicinati ad una tempesta di vento molto brutta ...l'aereo cominciò a muoversi improvvisamente su e giù, andando incontro alla tempesta ... Ho sentito una donna seduta di fronte a me, chiamare a voce bassa: "! Gesù, Gesù, Gesù" Sono diventato molto teso, 10 minuti di questa tensione sembravano ore. In seguito abbiamo superato la tempesta e l'areo è tornato alla normalità.
Ore 04:20 circa, orario etiope ... siamo atterrati e siamo rimasti ad Addis Abeba per circa quattro ore. Alle 07:00 siamo partiti per lo Zambia via Zimbabwe. Non appena abbiamo cominciato, ho detto una preghiera questa volta, ero un po' nervoso. In quel volo non ero seduto sul lato del finestrino, ma c'era una ragazza. Questa ragazza non si è mai presa la briga di guardarmi o salutarmi ... Mentre stavamo volando, ha iniziato a scattare delle fotografie. Stavo cercando un modo per iniziare una conversazione con lei. Quindi, mi sono alzato  e ho preso la mia macchina fotografica da una piccola borsa ... beh, questa sarà la scusa per parlare con questa ragazza, ho pensato mentre mettevo le batterie nella macchina fotografica. Scusa? Puoi scattarmi una foto con la mia macchina fotografica? "Certo perché no ..." rispose lei. Ha preso la mia macchina fotografica e scattato altre foto ... "Va bene, ne faccio diverse, così potrai scegliere le migliori" Grazie. "Di niente", ha detto. Dove sei diretta? Ho chiesto solo per mantenere aperto il dialogo mentre stavo dando un'occhiata alle foto prese. "Oh! Dici a me ?? Sto andando in Zambia "Sei dello Zambia?, ho chiesto "Sì, ti sembra di no?" No! Ho chiesto solo perché stiamo sorvolando lo Zimbabwe, così ho pensato che potresti essere una cittadina dello Zimbabwe. "Io cittadina dello Zimbabwe? No!!!!" mi guardò e rise ... Sì, la gente dello Zimbabwe assomiglia a quella dello Zambia: "Non credo,,, In Canada, ho incontrato donne dello Zimbabwe e sono stata in grado di dire a prima vista che non erano cittadine dello Zambia "Ok lasciami dire, alcuni assomigliano a noi. "Ah .. Se lo dici tu io sono d'accordo".
Sembrava una ragazza chiusa quando abbiamo iniziato il viaggio, ma mi sono reso conto che era molto  estroversa. Abbiamo parlato di religione, la politica dello Zambia, di esperienze personali nel paese straniero e su questioni universitarie. "Comunque, io sono Lillian ..." ha detto. Oh, certo! Non ci siamo presentati prima, io sono James Sikanla. "James Sinkala ...?" Sì, perché me lo chiedi? "No, solo per mia curiosità, tu sei l'autore di tale articolo che è stato recentemente pubblicato a Lusaka Times, il giornale on-line;? Titolo (LA FILOSOFIA DEL Donchi KUBEBE E NAFUTI NAFUTI il tuono nella politica dello Zambia) ??..." Oh, sì sono io, cosa ne pensi? "Beh, se leggi i commenti, vedrai che ne ho scritto una là, comunque, che era una buona dissertazione, è bello conoscerti di persona" Grazie per il complimento. Le 4 ore di viaggio NO-STOP ore sembravarono più brevi, siamo atterrati in Zimbabwe e 45 minuti dopo siamo partiti per lo Zambia, la destinazione finale del viaggio ...

I married you. (part 10)

Distance relationship

…there was a knock at the door of my room… When I opened it was Marco. “Oh James finally you are back,” Marco said, while hanging me… We greeted each other and sat on the chairs. “How was your holiday…?” said Marco. It was wonderful, my family and friends are all doing fine… but there is one more thing that made my holiday seems shorter… “And what would be that, don’t tell me, you met with Florence…”said Marco… ‹‹Yes, I met her››. “How is she?” …I’m sure she is fine; we alone met once, on the very day I arrived… “What happened after seeing her…?” Marco was very curious to know how far I have gone with Florence…

After seeing Florence, I had no more fantasy of starting anything serious, I thought of taking her as my mere friend… “Now what is it that made your long holiday seem shorter…?” Two weeks before coming, I met a girl by the name of Alice…. The girl just stole my heart, with her beauty… “You mean she was more beautiful than Florence?” Of course yes, besides her beauty, I came to discover that she was very simple and intelligent... “I can imagine how you are feeling ‹‹in Italy we say that; love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation››” sure, that is my experienced… but I’m very afraid… “Why are you afraid… you think she did not love you much?” No Marco, she did love me a lot, I was able to tell in few occasions I had with her… “But what makes you afraid if she loves you…?” I think, I did not have enough time to show her, how much she meant to me…

“…James, there is love at first sight and love at first bite; I mean the very moment your eyes met with her eyes… there something stronger than yourselves was born… how often were you communicating when you were there?” Marco asked… We used to communicate almost every day, by sms and on phone calls… there were moments when we used to talk almost the all night on phone… “Now that you are too far from her, you should know that; e-mails, chat on FB (facebook) or phone calls will never take the place of you in this long distance relationship...” said Marco. What do you mean and what can I do? I asked… “Even though we have now faster means of communication… try to use at times the old fashion of communication… to keep the romance alive in a distance relationship… By old fashion I mean; send each other sweet letters, using your handwriting, cards, or even sexy pictures it will help to keep the passion in your relationship alive.” As we were talking with Marco, my phone rang; I checked… it was a message from Alice;

If the only place, where I could see you was in my dreams, I could sleep forever. I miss you James

I showed Marco the sms and he said; “Oh!!! Alice, è scioca inamorata di te… reply fast” What shall I write? I thought and then I sent a short sms as well;

‹‹ together forever and never apart maybe in distance, but never in heart››

It’s now 3weeks since, I came back from Zambia but there has never been a day I slept without hearing from her; I told Marco and then he said; “…make it a point to spend time with her on chat or phone as often as you can and do something romantic for her… James, remember that even sharing little things that only the two of you know about, will help to make the time apart go faster until you can see each other again… Talking often will help you feel as if you are closer, than you really are... no matter how long the long distance you are… you may find that talking often makes the time go quicker until you are with each other more permanently…

“James, it has been nice to be with you… I heard you came back but I had no time to and see you, so today I thought of passing here before, going for sports…” Oh!!! Today its Thursday… anyway I shall join you next week. “Ciao James…” Ciao, Marco, we shall meet on opening day at the university… “Ok.. ciao ciao!!!” Marco said while getting in his car.

When Marco left me, I read once more the message I received from Alice and later I thought of writing her a letter;

Monday, 9 January 2012

Manchester United Vs Manchester City (3-2)

Rooney is the best in the field, that Archives the decisive two goals in favor of Manchester United. The City, however, Nasri disappointed with his fans again.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

I married you. (part 9)

Second appointment with Alice

On the weekend we met in Ndola as we agreed… Neither of us knew any special place in Ndola, so we board a bus that was going to Mufurila and we got-off at Dolla hill turn-off and we had to walk in the small road in the middle of the forest… It was quiet and lovely… Alice, do you know that today is the last time we are meeting…? “Yes, you told me on phone, I can’t believe how days are moving so fast” Sure, time is jealous; I said. As we were walking Alice still maintained her principles, she never hold my hands even though we were alone at the middle of that forest but she walked closer to me… This day I fancied her a lot but she noticed me and she fast brought in a discussion;

James, though our love and trust for each other has grown so fast, we have to bear in mind that we do not know each other yet and soon we are to get into a distance relationship, which will not be easy for me” …Alice, what do you mean it will not be easy for you and what are you suggesting…? She replied fast. “James, it will not be easy for me because, a part of you has grown in me already,
I love you and I need you by my side every time... This was the fast time Alice said I love you, before me… so to confirm that I asked; sure? “…yes James, nalikutemwa sanafya (I love you very much)” she answered while looking in my eyes… I added; Alice naine nalikutemwa (I love you too); And then she continued saying; “James, we have to make the rules and boundaries of our relationship known ahead of us before the distance becomes an issue between us. By rules, I mean what we shall be expecting from each other; remember we need to have same plans and same goals” …Yes dear, you have a point; I said… “James, if we stay in touch our relationship will be flourishing” …Sure Alice, I will try to talk to you every day or at least every after few days so that we don't grow apart Even though, I do have pressure from school work at times. “…No!!! Don’t even panic, I will understand you… just make dates when you will be talking to me” …Alice, to be real with you… I’m afraid, I mean, will you remain faithful until I come back next year…? “James, I cannot do or say anything at the moment but if you trust me I can be happy… I’m a virgin and I promise to keep my virginity until that day, if you are serious this is the best gift I will keep for you…” I think Alice, is just too intelligent for me; I thought, while I was reflecting on what she just said... Thank you Alice, for that gift… for sure, I never thought I deserve that.

We reached at Dolla hill and we board again a minibus to get back in Ndola town…We had lunch from “hungry Lion” …Later, we went to the bus station and before she got into the bus I gave her peg-kiss and she left for Lunshya and I board Mufurila bus as well... On my way I sent her the message (sms) thanks for you time dear, travel well… she replied just after few minutes… “Thank u Jamesthat farewell kiss which resembled a greeting, it has become the sharpest source of my sorrow, I’m already missing you” …We continued exchanging sms until I reached home.

Two days later I left for Lusaka were I stayed for few days to Chishimba’s place and then I left for Italy.

Friday, 6 January 2012

I married you. (part 8)

The first contact with Alice…

In the evening I sent her a message; ‹‹hi Alice, it was nice to know u, hw oz ur trip frm Chingola? Gud note.›› She did not reply to this message and I started panicking again; maybe she did not like me… why didn’t I ask her home address? Will I meet her again…? Before going in bed, I was checking on my phone almost every after a minute for her response. However she did not respond. The first thing I did when I wake-up in the morning was to check once more on phone but I did not find anything. Again I sent another message; hi Alice, I hope u are ok, I will b hapy if u respond to my sms. Have a Gud day. In the evening around 20hrs she replied; “thax 4 ur sms, I oz happy too,, 2 knw u. sorry 4 not responding in tym, I was busy.” After reading her message I was very happy and I got courage to call her during off-pick time... That night we talked almost 2hrs on phone, she sounded so lovely that I was more disturbed with her golden voice... From that evening, we started communicating daily… Since, I had few days before the end of my holiday; I had to make an appointment to meet her in Kitwe...

When we met in Kitwe we went and sat at Freedom Park a very simple place but we created a romantic environment there. When I saw her this time she looked very different... She looked younger and more beautiful… she dressed in a blue jean trousers and a white top in her short natural hair. Once more my heart skipped a breath, Oh!!! Alice you look nice. I said... “Thank you James, you too look different compared to last time we met in Chingola” Sure…? “yes, besides, you sound different, on phone …” How? “…you sound too serious…” so what do you prefer now? “I think both, because, now I can understand more about you” what…? I asked. “By your gestures as we talk, I can learn more about you” for real even me I’m happy to see you and your voice on phone is not very different from the real you...

We talked about our families and I came to learn that originally she is from Kasama, Northern Province and I told her that originally I’m from Mpika, Muchinga province. As we were talking I came to discover that she was intelligent and a sensitive person... She never allowed me to hold her hands. However, we had fun time and I wouldn’t believe how time moved fast… That day I come to believed in one Italian saying; “Quando un uomo siede un'ora in compagnia di una bella ragazza, sembra sia passato un minuto.When a man sits an hour in the company of a beautiful girl, seems to have spent a minute…

Alice when can we meet again? I asked her. “Since you have said you are leaving for Lusaka a week earlier before your actual day of your flight, we can meet on the weekend; I think I will be free…” Do you mind if I suggest that next time we meet in Ndola? “Ok… I will let you know tomorrow on that one.” Later on we went to KMB bus station… I waited until she left for Luanshya and I board a bus for Mufurila. Fantasy about her accompanied me in a bus until I arrived home…

For sure Alice has changed my world… she has disturbed the cool water in the pond… I used to talk to her almost every hour… She became my daily thought… I loved everything about her… In Kitwe each time I handed her anything and our hands touched each other, I felt sexual tensions… our love and trust grew strong and stronger the more we talked to each other… Alice was sincere and she had certain moral values that I loved more about her… She was 3years younger than me, but each time she challenges me over a certain issue… I felt inferiority. She was intellectually good...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

ti ho sposata (parte 4)

Caro Chishimba,

spero che tu sia in buona salute. Per quanto mi riguarda non posso lamentarmi perchè il Signore è presente per me in ogni situazione.
In primo luogo vorrei chiedere scusa per non aver risposto in tempo alla tua lettera. Ciò è dovuto al programma molto intenso che ho. Tuttavia, ho ricevuto la tua lettera il mese scorso e sono stato molto felice di sentirti e sapere che la tua famiglia sta molto bene.
La scuola sta andando bene e ora sto scrivendo la mia tesi in filosofia politica. Attualmente sto facendo la prima parte e nel mese di giugno, discuterò la tesi per il mio diploma di laurea. Amico, qui la scuola non è poi così difficile come in Zambia, ma il problema è la lingua. Il mio primo anno di scuola è stato più difficile a causa della lingua, grazie a Dio, alcuni professori sono stati molto comprensivi e tolleranti verso di me. Altrimenti io non ce l'avrei fatta ad arrivare fin qui.
Grazie per i tuoi complimenti e per i commenti dei tuoi amici. Sì ba Boyi (mio amico) molti sono i momenti in cui ho finito di leggere un romanzo e mi dico <<Avrei potuto scrivere io questo libro>> Sai una cosa? Avevi ragione, credo che tutti portano almeno un romanzo dentro, nella propria testa e nel proprio cuore. Lo scrittore Toni Morrison si esprime così: "se c'è un libro che si vuole veramente leggere, ma non è stato ancora scritto, allora è necessario che sia tu a scriverlo ..." ah ah ah. Scrivere un libro è un compito facile. Tuttavia, ogni giorno un nuovo romanzo viene pubblicato. Tuttavia, la scrittura di un romanzo non può essere facile. Per esempio, quando si è all'università, come nel mio caso o quando si ha un lavoro a tempo pieno, la famiglia, ecc .. Vorrei scrivere un romanzo dopo aver discusso la mia tesi nel mese di giugno del prossimo anno.
Infine, a marzo dopo gli esami verrò a casa per le vacanze, per tre mesi. Ho davvero perso voi ragazzi, io non vedo l'ora di rivederti dopo tutti questi anni. Mi aspetto di trovare il mio piatto preferito (nshima). Su Florence, ba Boyi (mio amico) qui sto morendo dalla curiosità di conoscere questa ragazza, perché non mi ricordo di essere stato seduto accanto a una ragazza alla tua festa di compleanno ma non è questo il motivo per cui non ho allegato niente per lei, ma non riesco a trovare le parole per scrivere ad una persona non conosco. Salutala e ringraziala da parte mia. Fino ad allora! Fate attenzione Boyi.

Saluti James

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

ti ho sposata (parte 3)

Amare può anche significare aprire il dialogo con una persona che non conosci. La differenza può essere nella  razza, cultura o background. Quindi, bisogna avere il coraggio di affrontare questa realtà della vita ... L'ultima volta mi hai raccontato di tuo padre che ti impediva di uscire con le ragazze ma credo che questa sia acqua passata, all'epoca tuo padre aveva ragione, ma ora, sei  all'università e hai  29 anni. Non credo che tu non riesca a gestire una relazione. "Sto ascoltando," sì, perché se non riesci adesso a conoscere delle persone, sarà difficile quando inizi a lavorare poter fare una buona scelta. D'altra parte, quando si lavora è difficile trovare il vero amore perché molte volte le donne si aprono a te in nome dell'amore, ma in realtà  sono interessate a soldi e cose materiali, ma se ti concedi il tempo per conoscere una ragazza, sarai in grado di capirla, perché avete passato estati e inverni insieme. "Annuisco per mostrare che ero d'accordo con quello che diceva. "Nella risposta basta chiedere al tuo amico di inviarti il ​​suo numero di telefono" ''No Marco'', ho risposto velocemente,''ci ho pensato, ma non voglio parlare con lei, ho paura di darle false speranze, forse lo farò dopo averla rivista ... Ti ricordi quella storia sul programma TV Striscia la Notizia ? Striscia la notizia  è un programma televisivo italiano, dove si mostrano incontri dal vivo di persone che non si sono  mai viste prima ... Un giorno hanno mostrato un uomo che era in attesa sul palco davanti alle telecamere e poi è arrivata una bella signora su una sedia a rotelle ... Ah ah ah Marco'', ridendo, "James, il tuo problema è che pensi troppo, comunque, Striscia la notizia è  davvero divertente ... Ma lo sai  che dopo   l'uomo sposato  quella signora?" Sicuro! No, non lo sapevo, "sì l'uomo si è sposato con la signora e hanno mostrato il loro matrimonio a  TG24hrs " In ogni caso, risponderò alla lettera appena ho tempo.
Abbiamo raggiunto in poco tempo la casa di mio professore e siamo amdati via alle 15:30. Marco, ha lasciato la sua auto nel parcheggio della scuola così ho dovuto scortarlo lì. Al mio ritorno a casa, ho trovato un incidente poco prima del casello di entrata in autostrada. Gli uomini della polizia che stavano registrando la causa dell'incidente hanno chiuso la strada da entrambi i lati e sono rimasto in coda per oltre 30 minuti. Mentre ero in coda ho iniziato a riflettere sulle parole di Marco. Il mio cuore era già innamorato di questa sconosciuta Florence. Credo che Marco  abbia centrato il punto: è arrivato il momento di prendere il coraggio per cominciare una relazione seria. "Amico, quella ragazza  è pazza di te" Ricordo le parole della lettera e sorrido ... Più tardi, la polizia ha consentito il senso unico e lentamente, lentamente, abbiamo iniziato a muoverci fino a quando ho passato il punto dell'incidente. L'incidente è avvenuto quando una macchina ha colpito un ciclista ed è morto sul posto, ho visto la bicicletta, oltre la strada e il cadavere era lì coperto in una coperta, mentre l'ambulanza era lì insieme agli uomini della polizia che stavano prendendo segni sulla scena. .. Ero pieno di paura dopo aver visto il sangue sulla strada così ...
Ho raggiunto casa in pochissimo tempo. Oh! Mio Dio, che una giornata dura, mi sono detto mentre ero seduto sulla sedia. Mentre mi stavo rilassando ascoltando musica dello Zambia ho iniziato sonnecchiare. Quindi, sono andato in camera a fare un pisolino, dove ho dormito troppo, mi svegliato attorno alle ore 18:30. sono andato in biblioteca per cercare alcuni libri  che il mio professore mia ha indicato per tesi. Mentre stavo cercando di studiare, non sono riuscito a trattanere la mia mente e concentrarmi, la mia mente volava via. Quindi ho smesso  mi fermo e sono andato a letto presto. Prima di dormire, ho letto la lettera ancora una volta, la parte che più mi è piaciuta in quella lettera è  ".... Amico, ti ricordi di una ragazza con il nome di Florence, che sedeva accanto a te alla mia festa di compleanno? Lei ti saluta. Amico, quella  ragazza è proprio pazza di te. Da quel momento lei non ha smesso di parlare di te. Ama la tua personalità e lei ti descrive come una persona seria ... "dai, ho cercato di distrarre la mia mente ... forse Chishimba si sta prendendo gioco di me, sapendo che sono ancora single, ho pensato. Sicuramente ho avuto curiosità di conoscere quella ragazza. Comunque chiederò a Chishimba di più su questa ragazza nella mia risposta. Ho dormito tenendo la lettera in mano ...
Passano delle settimane ma non ho dimenticato di scrivere la lettera al mio amico, stavo pensando, solo non ho avuto il tempo di sedermi e scrivere una lettera. Volevo finire di scrivere la prima parte della mia tesi prima di Natale. Sabato scorso, ho deciso di rispondere a Chishimba e il Martedì ho scritto:

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I married you. (part 7)


In May, two weeks before the end of my holiday, I went to attend Diocesan youth celebration in Chingola at Watson Stadium in Ndola Diocese. Under the theme “rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith.” This gathering did not only bring joy or add color to my holiday but it gave birth to a long lasting joy; when I met her. (My soul-mate)

Just after mass, as we were watching the cultural dance and drama by youths from different parishes... I wouldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a very beautiful girl from a distance talking to her friends. I walked closer to where she was standing …and when I looked closely in her eyes my heart skipped a beat. I felt incredibly unexpected emotions because she was so ‹‹flabbergasting›› to use a term of our school days. I was crazily attracted to her. From that moment I couldn’t take my eyes off her – she was gorgeous and lovely. For sure I fancied her and it horrified me. One moment I felt like going where she was standing and say something... But the other thought came in that; usually when girls are approached before their friends they respond negatively... Hence, I prayed for Lion’s patience.

I felt a terrifying lust that I have never experienced in my life, I was instantly attracted to this girl, her beauty and her smile as she was talking to her friends weakened me and I have to admit that, it was so different compared to how I see other girls. I mean different from the way I felt when I met Florence at the airport in Lusaka and very different from the way I felt when I saw Lillian my flight-mate.

My heart told me that she is different. ‹‹She had sex petite figure›› …As they say in Italian “ è bona”, brown in completion, her boobs and nice lips at point times made me crazy. Is this what they say “love at first sight??” I just wanted to kiss her there before everyone. Oh!!! My God, have mercy on me; this feeling seems to be stronger than I. From the time I saw her, I never stood far from where she was standing; I kept a 10 meters apart for some times. It took me more than an hour waiting to have chance to talk to her but it’s like she observed me because at several times we had eye contacts. I started panicking when the celebration was about to finish. I couldn’t afford to miss her.

When I saw her and friends walking towards the car park where they were parking their minibus, I started following back. I think they have noticed me, let me just take courage and talk to that girl, although I did not know what to say; I thought.

I greeted the girls; good afternoon!!! The other 3 girls responded apart from her and when I saw that, I got a bit tensed within me. I’m James from Mufurila, I said. Again the other girls said their names lively and that they all came from St. Anthony parish in Luanshya but her; she said in a very low voice, I’m Alice. I heard but I deliberately said; Hello! I didn’t hear your name. She looked at her friend and her friend repeated her name to me “she is Alice.” Oh!! I see Alice. Excuse me girls can I talk to Alice? They answered together, yes you are free and I asked Alice to excuse me.

When we excused ourselves from the group we started walking towards the stadium’s gate. However, I ran out of words, for I did not know where to start from and what to say… To break the silence I asked her what she was doing in life. “I just finished primary teaching course at KTTC, so at the moment I’m just waiting for the postings” She said… All that is good, you seem to be young and I thought you are still in secondary school. “No!!! I finished school three years ago.” James, I’m sorry I can’t take any longer with you I have to go my friends are waiting for by now.” Anyway Alice, before you go allow me to confess that from the moment I saw you, I wouldn’t take my eyes off from you. I was looking at you as you were talking to your friends, I mean; something about you pushed me to this far and I just thought of talking to you. She did not answer me. Alice!!! I called her to hear anything from her… “Thank you for that, but I’m sorry I have to go now can you allow me to get back?” Why Alice…? Am ‘I boring for you…? “No… but I just have to go because when you came there we were about to start off…” Ok, would you like to give me your cell number? She agreed and we exchanged cell phone numbers and she went back. She never showed any interest in me neither the desire to talk to me… anyway since she has given me the number I shall call her. I thought.