Friday, 23 December 2011

I married you. (part 1)

“I married you”
From today onwards on this blod we I shall be posting a love story every after a 48hours. The names and places used in this story has nothing to do with the individuals.
1. I received a letter
Waking up early on a Monday morning, I opened my room’s windows, but the day was so windy and cold, that I had to close them up and went to take a warm shower. After it, I brushed my teeth. Around 08:30hrs my door’s bell rang. Looking through out the window I couldn’t see anyone... “Who is it...?”- I said, nobody answered, “who is there...?”- I called louder again. Later, I heard a motorcycle on my neighbor’s gate and realized it was the postman, so I went out to check our mailbox and I found a letter “To: James Sinkala ” Wow!! What a lovely day, I said to myself, on the way back to my room. I opened the letter; it was from my childhood’s friend Chrispine Chishimba,
“Dear James,
I hope you are doing fine there and that you are doing well with your studies. Here we are all fine, just that we are missing you boyi.
I’m writing to congratulate you for the good article you’ve wrote in “CHALLENGA MAGAZINE” entitled “WHAT IS MY DESIRE”. I read it attentively and really liked it mwandi. Indeed, most of my friends and my workmates who read it, made good comments and some of them suggested that you should write a book and share us more about the “inner and external influence, in decision making”. I agreed with them because in most of the cases I found myself between the devil and the deep sea each time I made a fundamental decision and many times I regret afterwards. Anyway I can’t wait to read the second part of your article.
Besides, boyi, do you remember a girl by name Florence who seated next to you on my birthday’s party at my place? She sent you her greetings. The girl boyi is crazy about you. Since that day she never stopped talking about you. She loves your personality and describes you as a serious guy. If you don’t mind send a small greeting card to her when you reply to me, she will appreciate it. I hope you won’t call my request a “external influence”…. ha ha ha --)) Keep studying hard boyi. Hope to see you soon.
Faithfully yours Chishimba.”

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