Tuesday, 20 December 2011

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Again it’s time to exchange gifts with our beloved one's, with our families and friends and this is the only period we share joy, happiness and staying close with our family. At the same time, it’s the days we prepare to receive our Lord Jesus Christ.
But the question I would love to ask everyone is that, what is the importance of the period? Those who knows they can share with me in the comments and not only with me but to the world at large. And this festival period, it’s the time we remember with our friends and family, especially some of us who are far away from our families. For those who are married they dedicate this period to their loved one and their children.
Christmas brought us together, and lets us remember to share with those who don't have so that together we may rejoice. Let's us pray for peace in the world, and give thanks to God who had made us to be present during this period. We may also pray to those who are dying during this period especially for those who had hoped to celebrate together. Let also remember our leaders of the nations, especially those who promote peace and justice to all men kind.
Those who drive, let us drive with care! So that as we are waiting for that day, we maybe arrive safely, it’s very sad and painful to those who died after celebration, therefore during that day; we don't have to be drunk if we will know that we will drive.
Let also pray for those who are in hospitals, maybe to make it reasonable for those who are sick, for those who are in crisis, for those who had no hope for the future, that God may help them release how worthy they are to the world. For those who are rich, lets us share with those who are poor. For those are born during this period, we may give them the presents they deserve.
If you hate someone, this is the time you can reconcile, this is all I can share to the world, and if I missed something you may add in the comments so that those who will read this message may all read also your comment. Remember that you are serving the lives of people who are in DANGE. Your commet can save several millions of people. This is my message for Christmas to the world. Happy Christmas and Happy a New Year.

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