Thursday, 19 January 2012

I married you. (part 14)

Our courtship

After two years of our distance relationship… we finally lived in the same region and we enjoyed our courtship for one year… The first time I asked Alice about our wedding, she said; “…why are you in a hurry…I will be happy to get married. But at the moment I am enjoying our courtship…” For real Alice; I too enjoy this period but it’s high time we got into the wed-lock. “…James, I’m afraid” why are you afraid…? I asked her and then she said; “Imagine hundreds of people flowing into the church just for us two; how will I behave before your parents, your family members and your friends at large, I’m too shy” hahaha… we laughed and then I said; Alice, come on! The time of shyness is gone and I think shyness was just an index of our future life… “I hope I will not have the same feeling I had the first time I kissed you…” How was your feeling; I asked her. “…I had to ask myself a lot of questions and I started reflecting on a “kiss” ‹‹why, what will I get from it, I love him but why should I kiss him›› so many questions that I had no proper answer to them all, to be sincere most of the time I did it unwillingly especially at the beginning… after sometimes I started feeling and understanding why I had to kiss you and why you were longing for it… Now that I feel we are one, I really enjoying kissing you, I long for it and now I know a kiss as to be enjoyed by both of us, you are not giving it to me and I’m not giving it to you but sharing what we have…” wow!!!! I never knew that was your feeling in the first place, I’m happy to learn that… So now tell me, you mean you are not ready to marry me…? “I was just joking I’m ready for the wedding but let’s look for days that we shall be both free from work” When I asked her about honeymoon she said; “James, about honeymoon I will be the me to choose the place where we shall go but be informed that it shall be in a typical village somewhere in your province”

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