Saturday, 31 December 2011

I married you. (part 5)

My holiday, journey.

In January after Christmas period the prices of air-tickets were reduced to £600 to and fro, which was from Rome-Italy, Fiumicino airport to Lusaka-Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda airport. Hence, I decided to buy it though I was remaining with two and half months before my holiday. In February we started writing the end of the first semester exams. Days moved very fast, after exams I started preparing for my journey and on the 18 March, I left for Zambia. I had a flight at 00:05hrs Italian time. However, around 22hrs I was already at the airport and before check-up, I bought some phone tokens and I went on a public phone in the airport to call Chishimba, my friend in Zambia. The phone rang for some times and later he answered “Hello boyi James…hello, how did you know it was me ,, “ I saw the international number,,,” Ok, Boyi listen, I’m about to start off, I called to ask if you can come and pick me up at the airport. Besides, if you don’t mind, can you come with Florence to the airport…?Yes boyi, in fact she asked me about you” What did she say? “No! She just asked when you are coming for your holiday… I can’t wait to see you,” Me too boyi hello, hello!!! The line was cut. Oh my God, I forgot to tell him the time we are landing Zambia. Anyway the message is taken; at 23hrs we started boarding. The journey seems to be boring especially that I had no one to talk to. At the entrance of the plane the airhostess welcomed me: ‹‹safe journey sir, here is your seat›› thank you madam. My seat number was ET 703 next to the window and to my opposite, sat a white man.

We had 05hours and 45minutes NON STOP from Rome-Fiumicino to Addis Ababa-Ethiopia. I used Ethiopian airlines. 30 minutes after the take-off, I took the mp3 and I started listening to Lucky Dube songs. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the trip, others were reading novels, others talking to each other, others were sleeping and others like me were in hear-phones listening to music. We all seemed safer and comfortable. 3hours after our departure, there were an announcement from the pilot. ATTENTION PLEASE!!! “Fasten your seat belts,” I looked through the window it was still dark, tension came almost to everyone as airhostess were passing fast to ensure that everyone has fastened the belt. I removed my hear-phones and I experienced a deeper silence, everyone was quiet. I would only hear the engine of the plane. We later started closing a very bad wind storm… as the plane started moving suddenly up and down, as it goes against the storm... I heard a woman sitting in front of me, calling in a low voice; “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!!” I got more tensed, 10 minutes of this tension seemed like hours. Later we passed the storm and the flat came back to normal.

Around 04:20hrs, Ethiopian time… we landed and we remained in Addis Ababa for about four hours. At 07 pm we left for Zambia via Zimbabwe. As soon as we started off, I said a prayer this time, I was a bit nervous. In that flight I was not sitting on the window side but sat a girl. This girl never bothered to look at me or greet me… As we were enjoying the flight, she started taking the pictures. I was looking for the ways of starting a conversation with her. Hence, I stood up and got my camera from my small bag… well, this will be the excuse to talk to this girl; I thought while putting the batteries in my camera. Excuse me? Can you take a picture for me using my camera? “Sure why not...” she replied. She took my camera and took more pictures… “Okay, I have taken more; you will see yourself the best ones” Thank you. “You are welcome” she said. Where are you heading to? I asked just to keep her talking while I was taking a look at the photos she took. “Oh!!! You mean me?” yes, “I’m going to Zambia” are you a Zambian; I asked? “Yes, do I seem not?No!! I just asked since we are passing to Zimbabwe, so I thought you may be a Zimbabwean. “Me a Zimbabwean? No!!!!” she looked at me and laughed… Yes, people from Zimbabwe looks like us Zambians, “I don’t think so,,, In Canada, I met tow women from Zimbabwe and I was able to tell from the first sight that they were not Zambians” Ok let me say, some looks like us. ah..If you say so I can agree.

She seemed to be closed up when we started the journey but I realized she was an extrovert. We talked about religion, Zambian politics, about personal experiences in foreign country and about academic aspects. “By the way, I’m Lillian…” she said. Oh!! Sure we did not ask names before; I’m James Sikanla. “James Sinkala…?” yes, why do you ask? “No, just for my curiosity, are you the author of that article which was recently published in Lusaka Times, online news paper; entitled (THE PHILOSOPHY OF DONCHI KUBEBE AND NAFUTI NAFUTI the thunder in Zambian politics)…??” Oh,, I see, yes it’s me, what was your comment?? In fact, if you read the comments, I wrote one there,, anyway that was a very good observation; it’s nice to know you in personal Thank you for your complement. The four hours NON STOP journey seemed shorter; we landed Zimbabwe and 45minutes later we started off for Zambia, the final destination of the plane...

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