Sunday, 1 January 2012

I married you. (part 6)

Home welcome by; Chishimba and Florence

Finally, we landed safely and as I was taking my bags, I saw Chishimba waving from the other side... I fast got my bags and put them on a trolley. “Welcome back home boyi”; said Chishimba. Thanks… “Florence, meet James… James this is Florence.” Nice to see you Florence, “pleasure is mine.” she replied. When I pushed the trolley to the car; Chishimba said “leave it, I will take care, relax you are tired,” When Florence was helping Chishimba to take the bags in the car, I looked at her, she was dressing in a pink shirt and jean pants, She looked beautiful with a nice smile such that I was carried away at times… She was light in completion and a bit taller than me.

I remembered her, though I didn’t remember sitting with her at the party. On our way to Chishimba’s home, we talked about school and other things, then she said; “I’m at “NIPA” studying business administration.” That’s nice …in fact Chishimba, told me about you but he did not mention that you are at “NIPA”. Do you like the course you are doing? I asked her… “Yes I do like it a lot; it was my childhood desire to study business administration.” …Of the all the courses why just that? “I think it was my father’s influence. My father is a business man and each time he was going to his office he used to take me with him and by then I was just 12. Hence, from there I developed this desire.” Oh, that is interesting. I think the desire to become somebody in life is more influenced, in how much one is brought up in life; I said. We arrived home …Chishimba by then, was staying alone because his wife was at the University of Zambia, she was studying “economics” and she was only coming home for weekends... “Boyi, this is your home”; said Chishimba while holding my hand, “…come with me I take you around the house.” He showed me the rooms, kitchen, toilets, pantry and a study room. Oh Chishaimba this is a nice house, “thank you boyi and here is the bathroom, you can take a shower while I see what we have in the kitchen.” Sure, let me take a shower first…

I took a warm shower, changed cloths and I went in the living room where Florence was sitting, while Chishimba was in the kitchen preparing food. Thank you Florence, for creating time in your busy programme and come to welcome me, I know how studies are... “No, it’s ok James; in fact today it’s a free day, so I was just lucky to have this chance to welcome you...” Shortly Chishimba, called us on table “guys the table is ready!!!” I was saved by Chishimba’s invitation because, I had no more questions for her. When we were eating Chishimba started sharing with me, how life has been with him since I left for school “…boyi, in this two, years, you were out, a lot of things has happened, if we were to talk about them one by one, we need 24hours free time. However, generally speaking we have been fine. I think I did not inform you that Malama is married.” No you did not. “Yes, he married Joyce, the very childhood girlfriend” Wow!! That is great, I’m really happy to her, so where are they living now… “they are still in Mpika, Malama is now a teacher and Joyce is working at Mpika general hospital, she is a nurse…” For sure I’m happy to hear that development. “You are the only one remaining single; we are all married here Chishimba passed a comment while looking at Florence who never said anything but smiled. . .” I will soon marry; I answered. Florence said; “Take your time James...” We all laughed. When we finished eating I gave Chishimba the gift I brought for him and I gave Florence a box of Italian chocolates... After seeing Florence, my fantasy about her contradicted with the reality, I no longer had the desire to start anything serious with her. I had no more fancy for her but I understood that in her presences and silence lays the art of love expression. I remember the words of Marco my Italian friend “love is an art and if you are not an artist then you are just a prostitute

By the way what time is the last bus from here to Kitwe? “It’s 20:00hrs, why do you ask?” Chishimba asked. Sorry if I did not tell you …today I have to leave for copper belt. “Why can’t you go tomorrow?? I think Monica, my wife, she will be sad to hear that you are not spending a night here”. Sorry, tell her that, I will have one week with you here before I leave for Italy. “Ok we shall be happy to stay with you… when are you going back?” My flight is on the 22rd of May, so I maybe here a week before. “…Ok, if you are going with the last bus then we can start off now, because we have to take Florence to NIPA first and then to the station.” Ok, that’s fine. After we left Florence, at NIPA, I started sharing with Chishimba, the fantasy I had about Florence before seeing her. I’m sure she was expecting something serious from me but I did not even ask her for her cell phone number... Chishimba laughed and said; “…But for real the girl is crazy about you I wasn’t joking in my letter. Today she was cool and a bit shy before you. However, she used to ask about you almost each time we met.” Now what can I do? I said “…don’t worry if you are not interested; ladies are very sharp where reading between the lines is concerned.... I mean you should not even ask her number, if you really mean that you are not interested in her. I’m sure by now she has already's natural you can't pretend.” Thank you boyi, for sure I was in dilemma situation, of course after inviting her to come to the airport, she may have interpreted my request in her expectations. “Don’t worry… Oh!! See we arrive in good time you may take this bus, it will leave before 20:00hrs and remember to send me a message when you buy a new phone sim-card” Thank you for everything, “you are welcome bye, bye” Bye!

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