Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I married you. (part 10)

Distance relationship

…there was a knock at the door of my room… When I opened it was Marco. “Oh James finally you are back,” Marco said, while hanging me… We greeted each other and sat on the chairs. “How was your holiday…?” said Marco. It was wonderful, my family and friends are all doing fine… but there is one more thing that made my holiday seems shorter… “And what would be that, don’t tell me, you met with Florence…”said Marco… ‹‹Yes, I met her››. “How is she?” …I’m sure she is fine; we alone met once, on the very day I arrived… “What happened after seeing her…?” Marco was very curious to know how far I have gone with Florence…

After seeing Florence, I had no more fantasy of starting anything serious, I thought of taking her as my mere friend… “Now what is it that made your long holiday seem shorter…?” Two weeks before coming, I met a girl by the name of Alice…. The girl just stole my heart, with her beauty… “You mean she was more beautiful than Florence?” Of course yes, besides her beauty, I came to discover that she was very simple and intelligent... “I can imagine how you are feeling ‹‹in Italy we say that; love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation››” sure, that is my experienced… but I’m very afraid… “Why are you afraid… you think she did not love you much?” No Marco, she did love me a lot, I was able to tell in few occasions I had with her… “But what makes you afraid if she loves you…?” I think, I did not have enough time to show her, how much she meant to me…

“…James, there is love at first sight and love at first bite; I mean the very moment your eyes met with her eyes… there something stronger than yourselves was born… how often were you communicating when you were there?” Marco asked… We used to communicate almost every day, by sms and on phone calls… there were moments when we used to talk almost the all night on phone… “Now that you are too far from her, you should know that; e-mails, chat on FB (facebook) or phone calls will never take the place of you in this long distance relationship...” said Marco. What do you mean and what can I do? I asked… “Even though we have now faster means of communication… try to use at times the old fashion of communication… to keep the romance alive in a distance relationship… By old fashion I mean; send each other sweet letters, using your handwriting, cards, or even sexy pictures it will help to keep the passion in your relationship alive.” As we were talking with Marco, my phone rang; I checked… it was a message from Alice;

If the only place, where I could see you was in my dreams, I could sleep forever. I miss you James

I showed Marco the sms and he said; “Oh!!! Alice, è scioca inamorata di te… reply fast” What shall I write? I thought and then I sent a short sms as well;

‹‹ together forever and never apart maybe in distance, but never in heart››

It’s now 3weeks since, I came back from Zambia but there has never been a day I slept without hearing from her; I told Marco and then he said; “…make it a point to spend time with her on chat or phone as often as you can and do something romantic for her… James, remember that even sharing little things that only the two of you know about, will help to make the time apart go faster until you can see each other again… Talking often will help you feel as if you are closer, than you really are... no matter how long the long distance you are… you may find that talking often makes the time go quicker until you are with each other more permanently…

“James, it has been nice to be with you… I heard you came back but I had no time to and see you, so today I thought of passing here before, going for sports…” Oh!!! Today its Thursday… anyway I shall join you next week. “Ciao James…” Ciao, Marco, we shall meet on opening day at the university… “Ok.. ciao ciao!!!” Marco said while getting in his car.

When Marco left me, I read once more the message I received from Alice and later I thought of writing her a letter;

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