Sunday, 8 January 2012

I married you. (part 9)

Second appointment with Alice

On the weekend we met in Ndola as we agreed… Neither of us knew any special place in Ndola, so we board a bus that was going to Mufurila and we got-off at Dolla hill turn-off and we had to walk in the small road in the middle of the forest… It was quiet and lovely… Alice, do you know that today is the last time we are meeting…? “Yes, you told me on phone, I can’t believe how days are moving so fast” Sure, time is jealous; I said. As we were walking Alice still maintained her principles, she never hold my hands even though we were alone at the middle of that forest but she walked closer to me… This day I fancied her a lot but she noticed me and she fast brought in a discussion;

James, though our love and trust for each other has grown so fast, we have to bear in mind that we do not know each other yet and soon we are to get into a distance relationship, which will not be easy for me” …Alice, what do you mean it will not be easy for you and what are you suggesting…? She replied fast. “James, it will not be easy for me because, a part of you has grown in me already,
I love you and I need you by my side every time... This was the fast time Alice said I love you, before me… so to confirm that I asked; sure? “…yes James, nalikutemwa sanafya (I love you very much)” she answered while looking in my eyes… I added; Alice naine nalikutemwa (I love you too); And then she continued saying; “James, we have to make the rules and boundaries of our relationship known ahead of us before the distance becomes an issue between us. By rules, I mean what we shall be expecting from each other; remember we need to have same plans and same goals” …Yes dear, you have a point; I said… “James, if we stay in touch our relationship will be flourishing” …Sure Alice, I will try to talk to you every day or at least every after few days so that we don't grow apart Even though, I do have pressure from school work at times. “…No!!! Don’t even panic, I will understand you… just make dates when you will be talking to me” …Alice, to be real with you… I’m afraid, I mean, will you remain faithful until I come back next year…? “James, I cannot do or say anything at the moment but if you trust me I can be happy… I’m a virgin and I promise to keep my virginity until that day, if you are serious this is the best gift I will keep for you…” I think Alice, is just too intelligent for me; I thought, while I was reflecting on what she just said... Thank you Alice, for that gift… for sure, I never thought I deserve that.

We reached at Dolla hill and we board again a minibus to get back in Ndola town…We had lunch from “hungry Lion” …Later, we went to the bus station and before she got into the bus I gave her peg-kiss and she left for Lunshya and I board Mufurila bus as well... On my way I sent her the message (sms) thanks for you time dear, travel well… she replied just after few minutes… “Thank u Jamesthat farewell kiss which resembled a greeting, it has become the sharpest source of my sorrow, I’m already missing you” …We continued exchanging sms until I reached home.

Two days later I left for Lusaka were I stayed for few days to Chishimba’s place and then I left for Italy.

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Maggie said...

waoh, that was a lovely adventure..moment spent together with the loved one. but now james is gone to Italy..oh what a separation.. looking forward to read abt what happened after james went to italy. ope the distance relationship grew stronger..