Saturday, 14 January 2012

i married you (part 12)

My three sisters
Around 08hrs in the evening, Alice called me; “Hi James, how are you doing there?” I’m fine; you have called me at a right time when I was just thinking about you… “Sure, so where are you?” I’m in my room... “Can you do me a favor…?” Yes dear, what can I do for you? “If the weather is cool go out and see if the sky is clear…” I walked outside while we were talking and I said; yes the sky here is very clear… “So it is here” she said. What can I do now? “From where I’m standing I can see the three stars to the east side, they are in the same line… can you see them…?” she asked. …Yes, I can see them as well here, we call them <three sisters> Ok, you can get inside now if it’s cold out there…I just wanted to show you the stars and tell you that; I hate stars because I look at the same ones, as you do but without you by my side…ha…ha…ha; you are really funny I said; …you know what…? I asked and continued talking… you have reminded me about my old days…when I was 9 in ‹‹Chilonga village››, my grandfather told us a story about the stars… one evening we sat around the fire with my cousins and then he (grandfather) asked us to look in the sky to show us the stars and he said; “each one of us has one star as a guardian angel” …and has he was saying we saw the shooting star and then he said; …you see that angel is going to guard his person… “ha… ha…ha… your ‹‹grandpa›› was funny anyway don’t worry I shall be your shooting star in your dark moments…” Said Alice. …and then I said; I cannot let you go back to the sky… ha… ha… ha… we talked and laughed and then she said; “James, let me leave with you a food for thought; as you go in bed ...send the answer tomorrow… Wind is to fire… as absence is to------?” really it’s a food for thoughtI remained outside over 30 minutes
Next day I sent her the sms… my first answer was MISS ‹‹absence is to miss›› but later in the night she sent me the sms;
Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. Hence, absence is to LOVE, gud nite.
It was always difficult to predict her answer in every question she asked me; I thought. I replied later on.
For real absences, is to love, because it was a year and half of our distance relationship and yet love and trust for each other have grown mature… we exchanged our passwords of all our social networks… and at time I used to open her facebook account and chat with her friends, while I pretended to be Alice. One day she wrote and posted my STATUS on my fb’s wall... For a while I did not open my fb account, so when I was at school one of my friends on fb asked; “James, when did it happen..?” What do you mean; I asked? “… I’m talking about what you posted on your status yesterday…” What!!!...? I excused myself and went to check my fb status, it read “James, just got married” …I did not change it… I realized it was Alice so I sent her the sms
Baby why didn’t you tell me that you have changed my fb status, u embarrassed me today at school, my friends asked me about it and I remained mute

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