Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I married you. (part 7)


In May, two weeks before the end of my holiday, I went to attend Diocesan youth celebration in Chingola at Watson Stadium in Ndola Diocese. Under the theme “rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith.” This gathering did not only bring joy or add color to my holiday but it gave birth to a long lasting joy; when I met her. (My soul-mate)

Just after mass, as we were watching the cultural dance and drama by youths from different parishes... I wouldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a very beautiful girl from a distance talking to her friends. I walked closer to where she was standing …and when I looked closely in her eyes my heart skipped a beat. I felt incredibly unexpected emotions because she was so ‹‹flabbergasting›› to use a term of our school days. I was crazily attracted to her. From that moment I couldn’t take my eyes off her – she was gorgeous and lovely. For sure I fancied her and it horrified me. One moment I felt like going where she was standing and say something... But the other thought came in that; usually when girls are approached before their friends they respond negatively... Hence, I prayed for Lion’s patience.

I felt a terrifying lust that I have never experienced in my life, I was instantly attracted to this girl, her beauty and her smile as she was talking to her friends weakened me and I have to admit that, it was so different compared to how I see other girls. I mean different from the way I felt when I met Florence at the airport in Lusaka and very different from the way I felt when I saw Lillian my flight-mate.

My heart told me that she is different. ‹‹She had sex petite figure›› …As they say in Italian “ è bona”, brown in completion, her boobs and nice lips at point times made me crazy. Is this what they say “love at first sight??” I just wanted to kiss her there before everyone. Oh!!! My God, have mercy on me; this feeling seems to be stronger than I. From the time I saw her, I never stood far from where she was standing; I kept a 10 meters apart for some times. It took me more than an hour waiting to have chance to talk to her but it’s like she observed me because at several times we had eye contacts. I started panicking when the celebration was about to finish. I couldn’t afford to miss her.

When I saw her and friends walking towards the car park where they were parking their minibus, I started following back. I think they have noticed me, let me just take courage and talk to that girl, although I did not know what to say; I thought.

I greeted the girls; good afternoon!!! The other 3 girls responded apart from her and when I saw that, I got a bit tensed within me. I’m James from Mufurila, I said. Again the other girls said their names lively and that they all came from St. Anthony parish in Luanshya but her; she said in a very low voice, I’m Alice. I heard but I deliberately said; Hello! I didn’t hear your name. She looked at her friend and her friend repeated her name to me “she is Alice.” Oh!! I see Alice. Excuse me girls can I talk to Alice? They answered together, yes you are free and I asked Alice to excuse me.

When we excused ourselves from the group we started walking towards the stadium’s gate. However, I ran out of words, for I did not know where to start from and what to say… To break the silence I asked her what she was doing in life. “I just finished primary teaching course at KTTC, so at the moment I’m just waiting for the postings” She said… All that is good, you seem to be young and I thought you are still in secondary school. “No!!! I finished school three years ago.” James, I’m sorry I can’t take any longer with you I have to go my friends are waiting for by now.” Anyway Alice, before you go allow me to confess that from the moment I saw you, I wouldn’t take my eyes off from you. I was looking at you as you were talking to your friends, I mean; something about you pushed me to this far and I just thought of talking to you. She did not answer me. Alice!!! I called her to hear anything from her… “Thank you for that, but I’m sorry I have to go now can you allow me to get back?” Why Alice…? Am ‘I boring for you…? “No… but I just have to go because when you came there we were about to start off…” Ok, would you like to give me your cell number? She agreed and we exchanged cell phone numbers and she went back. She never showed any interest in me neither the desire to talk to me… anyway since she has given me the number I shall call her. I thought.

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Maggie said...

I must read the next part...i look forward to know what happened afterwards..ope this now is the gal of your dream..hehehe